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Keventers / Flavoured Milk

The Keventers story began way back in 1925 when a Danish gentleman, Edward Keventer set up a dairy manufacturing unit in the country; the business flourished and by 1940 Keventers had four operational plants in India. Post-independence, Edward’s son sold the Sardar Patel project located in the capitol to R.K. Dalmia, who subsequently modernised and upgraded the facilities by bringing in state-of-the-art bottling machinery from England. A Swedish brand specialising in milk pasteurisation was also acquired to maintain the superior quality of Keventer’s dairy products.

The company retailed through a network of stockists and distributors, of which 48 were in Delhi alone. The Keventers range included fresh milk, milkshake, butter, ghee, ice cream, while their condensed milk and milk powder was also supplied to Indian Army units stationed in the remotest corners of the country. At the Asia ’72, the Keventers cassata ice cream slab was particularly sought after by visitors.
In recognition of its uncompromising food quality, Keventers was accorded the ISI and AGMARK standardisation mark in the 1960s. Although Keventers produces a wide array of products, its name remains synonymous till today with flavoured milk/milkshakes. Served chilled in bottles sealed with a blue and red foil cap, its milkshakes are extremely popular with the young and old alike. In fact, the franchise outlet at Connaught Place has enjoyed iconic status as a seller of the “Keventers shake”! From the myriad of flavours, Keventers offers — strawberry, banana and pineapple continue to be perennial favourites with customers.

As the city landscape changed, the Keventers factory at Chanakyapuri had to be shut down because the locality was earmarked as a residential and diplomatic enclave. Another change in the offing initiated by the management was a revamp of its retail model. Keventers will now have many more franchise outlets throughout India. They’ve already opened two at a couple of malls in Delhi, in an effort to expand customer base. And there’s more – new flavours like Tutti Frutti, Hawaiian Passion and Chocolate Hazelnut have been introduced to entice Delhites into sampling the famous Keventers expertise at milkshakes.